Universities in Uganda

The list of universities in Uganda currently stands at 30 plus, and continues to grow. This website aims to provide up-to-date Uganda university information for prospective students looking to study at some of the major Uganda universities.

Here you find the latest tuition fees and accommodation information, links to the faculties, programmes, and courses, scholarships and financial aid information, and the current Uganda university rankings.

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Makerere is the oldest university in East Africa

Boasting of the oldest university in East & Central Africa, Uganda has for years been a major education destination for students in the region, both at the university level and at the elementary and high school (or secondary school/college) levels, and interest continues in both the public and private Ugandan universities.

Sorted lists of public and private universities in Uganda are provided on separate pages (links are given below). We welcome user input for boosting the relevance of this website. You can share, contribute university reviews, accommodation info and tips, info on travel to Uganda, etc

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