Bugema University is one of the older private universities in Uganda, established in 1994. Its history however goes back as far as 1948, when it was a school for pastors and teachers of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in East Africa. The institution first awarded Bachelor of Theology degrees in 1978. In 1997 it gained recognition by the government and a licence as a university. Bugema University has 6 campuses, in Kampala, the main campus near Ziroobwe Town, and others in Kasese, Lira, Mbale, and Arua.

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From Bugema University Website:  Bugema University is fully chartered by the Education Ministry in Uganda and also fully accredited as a university by the Adventist Accrediting Association based in Maryland, United States. The university aims to offer, through training, research, and scholarship, a holistic Christian education designed to prepare the student for a productive life of useful service to God, a student that can serve the community with integrity.

Being a Seventh Adventist institution, Bugema University Uganda recognizes that true education comes with the harmonious development of the whole person. The University therefore provides an environment in which all students are encouraged to develop and strengthen their commitment to Jesus Christ, to experience personal and social growth, to develop their appreciation for beauty, and to develop a pattern of healthful living, in addition to achieving academic excellence.

Facilities for volleyball,  soccer, basketball, netball, handball, table tennis, badminton, and hockey are available on campus. In addition there is ample space on the university campus for exercise, jogging, and walking. Physical fitness promotes health, and each student is therefore encouraged to adopt a regular program for recreation and exercise.

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Fees: Fees vary by campus. These are the figures for Kampala. A fixed fee of UGX 242,000 applies to all, and tuition fees of UGX 560,000 to UGX 750,000 per semester.
Accommodation: Single room self-contained is at UGX 880,000, double self-contained UGX 440,000 per student, and double non self-ocntained at UGX 380,000 each student
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