Busoga University is an institution of the Church of Uganda, established in 1999. Located near  Iganga Town, some 120km from Kampala, Busoga University currently  has study centres in Jinja, Bugiri, Pallisa, Kamuli and Kaliro.
Fees: Undergraduate fees from UGX 1,150,00 to UGX 1,750,000, Certificate and Diploma courses from UGX 345,000 to UGX 805,000, Graduate programs from UGX 2,070,000 to UGX 3,243,000. Add-on fees apply, including functional fees, accommodation, reasearch, and books.
Accomodation: Over 70% of students reside outside the university campus. Students are

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From Busoga University Uganda Website: Busoga University is one of the private universities in Uganda, founded by the Church of Uganda under  Busoga Diocese. The university has study centres in Jinja, Kamuli, Bugiri, Kaliro, Pallisa, as well as a Resource Center in Iganga town.

Busoga University offers study programmes in both Sciences and Arts disciplines leading to the  award of Post-graduate qualifications and Masters degrees, Bachelor's degrees, and Diploma and Certificates qualifications.

A wide variety  of cultural, social, educational, and athletic activities are available to students of Busoga University.  Campus life activities are designed to encourage every member of the student community to express his/her talents freely, and to respect all other members of the university's pluralistic community.

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