Cavendish University Uganda, established in 2008, is one of the newest universities in Uganda and rapidly gaining popularity. The university is affiliated to Cavendish College London and has academic partnerships with the University of Sunderland and Cavendish Zambia.

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From Cavendish University Uganda website:
The aim at Cavendish University Uganda is to offer  quality education and value for money,by ensuring that study programmes are delivered to a very high standard, by qualified and experienced lecturers. Courses are systematically monitored, evaluated, and streamlined to incorporate new developments and theories. This is done to  ensure that  graduates of Cavendish University Uganda will be successful and competitive when applying for work,  because they will have all relevant skills and competencies, in addition to a solid understanding of the core subject areas.

Our primary goal is to ensure that the student leaves the university  as a more confident individual, skilled and knowledgeable, and ready to take the next steps into an exciting and rewarding career.
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Fees: Undergraduate fees per semester is UGX 860,000 to UGX 1,300,000. Masters degrees per year from UGX 7,300,000 to UGX 8,000,000. Certificate and diploma courses are from UGX 450,000 to UGX 650,000. Students have to pay some annual add-on charges totaling to about UGX550,000, including library fee, guild fee, research development, registration, and medical emergency.

Accommodation: Private hostels are available within a 2 km radius of the university, in the city suburbs of Kabalagala, Kansanga, and Kibuli. It is not clear at the moment if the university has plans to construct its own hostel facilities. 
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