Gulu University is located in Laroo division of Gulu Municipality, about 4km north-east of the city. Gulu is in the north, about 320 kilometres from Kampala. The university was founded in 2002 and is one of the smaller public universities of Uganda.



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From Gulu University Website: Gulu University Uganda has a vision to be the leading academic institution in Northern  Uganda in the promotion of rural transformation and industrialization for purposes of ensuring sustainable development; and also to expand access to higher education, to conduct applied research, and to provide quality professional training geared towards the delivery of appropriate services directed at social transformation and the conservation of bio-diversity.

The University's mission is "to generate knowledge and skills that can solve the immediate problems of the community," and the university's motto, "Gulu University for Community Transformation" is said to have evolved "out of the necessities and realities on the ground."

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