International University of East Africa was established in 2011, with a campus in Kansanga, a Kampala surburb. The university has big ambitions and is expected to have facilities for 10,000 students when all the infrastructure is completed.

Fees: Tuition fess range from USD 850 -1,750 per semeester for undergraduate courses, Foundation programmes are USD1,100, and USD 7,600 for the masters degree in Petroleum Engineering
Acommodation: Plans are underway to build a modern hostel. Students are helped to find suitable accomaodation by the Students Services bureau

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From International University of East Africa Website : The university offers a rich portifolio of foundation, undergraduate and post-graduate programmes designed to give students and working people the skills they need to succees in their carreers - industry-facing skills that are in demand in the job market. IUEA is the most innovative university in the East Africa region, and some of the leading East African academic minds in their respective fields  either are based at our campus, or they regularly come here as visiting academics.

IUEA aims to play a leading role in delivering first-class education that  addresses the huge economic and social challenges that  East and Central Africa faces in an increasingly technology-driven and very competitive global marketplace.The University currently offers programmes in Business Studies and Management, Computing and Information Technology, and Petroleum Studies, with plans to expand the areas of specialisation.

Our programmes are industry-focused, designed to equip students with the important skills, qualifications, and experiences they need for a  marketable profession. We offer state-of-the-art learning facilities to help students make the most of their university experience, and the study and social facilities we offer at IUEA are some of the best in the East Africa region.
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