Islamic University in Uganda, established in 1988 when the country had only one public university is the oldest private university in Uganda.IUIU is financed by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, IOC, Uganda being a member, and was conceived to serve the needs of the entire English-speaking Sub-Sahara region. The university currently has 4 campuses, the main campus near Mbale town in Eastern Uganda, and enrollment in excess of 5,000. Two of the other campuses are around Kampala, one in Kibuli, another, for women, in Kabojja, and the fourth campus is in Arua  in Northern Uganda.

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From Islamic University in Uganda website: The Islamic University in Uganda attracts students from all across  Africa and already a number of its graduates have attained high academic levels and serve in prominent positions around the globe.
IUIU aspires to function both as an academic and cultural institution, with  Islam and the love of  country as its core values. The university aims to promote and enhance the civilization and scientific influence of Islam in such a manner as to produce well-cultured and morally-upright graduates with a  sound character, who can participate positively to develop their countries, being equipped with all the right skills and knowledge. IUIU aims to achieve these goals through  appropiate teaching, learning, research, and scholarship, and the pursuit of good governance and service to humanity.
The University's vision is to be a centre of excellence where  the production and dissemination of knowledge is concerned - knowledge and training that imparts relevant skills to produce an individual rooted in religion who can particiapte fully in his or her society.
Though an Islamic founded institution, IUIU is open to Christian students who wish to join the university.

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Accommodation: Both the main campus and the Kabojja campus are residential with hostels within the precincts of the campus. The other two campuses are non-residential.