Kampala University has 5 campuses, the main campus is located in Gaba suburb of Kampala, by the lake. Another campus in Kampala is located in the west-end suburb of Mutundwe. Other campuses are in Masaka, Luweero, and Jinja in Eastern Uganda. Founded in 1999, Kampala University is afiliated to The East African University, TEAU, a Kenyan institution.

Accomodation: Accommodation with meals is UGX 550,000 and UGX 300,000 without meals.

Fees: Undergraduate degree courses from UGX 550,000 to UGX 880,000; diploma courses from UGX 407,000 to UGX 550,000; and certificate courses from UGX 345,000 to UGX 440,000. Postgraduate diplomas from UGX 550,000 to UGX 875,000. Students have to pay annual and per-semester add-on fees amounting to about UGX 500,000.

Example: Beautiful campus, only a few hundred metres from Lake Victoria. Kampala University is one of the nicest universities in Uganda!
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Kampala University is a fountain of knowledge and we aim to produce holistic and all-round graduates that can spearhead change in their communities. The university aims to train individuals to meet the needs of a society, in that they are competitive in the job market, academically,as well as  morally and socially.

Kampala University is a student-driven establishment, meaning that students as stakeholders are fully engaged in routine activities of the university. The  University has a community outreach and service programme it sponsors that is expected to benefit the entire country in promoting and achieving development in the new millenium.

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From Kampala University website: Ours is a university with uniqueness and a difference; a special University on the shores of  the prestigiuos Lake Victoria and boasting of a condusive environment to help a serious scholar achieve their academic goals and dreams.
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