Kyambogo University was established in 2003 by merging three previously independent public institutions, all three located on Kyambogo Hill - Uganda Polytechnic, Institute of Teacher Education, and the National Institute of Special Education. The campus is located 8km from Kampala's central business district, along the Jinja Highway. The university has 6 faculties and 1 school. Kyambogo University is one of the largest public Uganda universities.



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From Kyambogo Website: Kyambogo University is a relatively new university with a rich history that dates as  far back as 1928. The university was created with the chief aim of promoting and advancing knowledge and development of skills in Science, Technology and Education and such other fields, having regards for quality, equity, progress and transformation of society.

The University has embraced the fields of Science, Technology, Education, Vocational Studies, Arts and Social Sciences, and Special Needs and Rehabilitation as its core areas of Training and Research.

Kyambogo University Uganda is creating more opportunities for Science and Engineering students at all levels. It is now possible to start with a certificate or diploma and progress to degree and postgraduate qualifications.

To keep pace with global trends, KYU has built capacity, and continues to do so in Information and Communications Technology (ICT). The objective is to enable all students to have access to computer training. All university academic programmes have an in-built component of ICT to enable the students appreciate the value of technology and to generate interest for further learning and use.

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