Makerere University is the oldest university in East & Central Africa. Located barely 2 kilometeres from the center of Kampala City, the university nonetheless enjoys a quiet, suburban atmosphere.Makerere is the largest of 8 public universities in Uganda.
Housing & Hostel Facilities: Private hostels are littered all around the university in the surrounding city surburbs of Wndegeya, Kasubi,  and Kivvulu. Most of these establishments provide transport to and from the main campus
Fees: Undergraduate fees per semester range from UGX 650,000 - UGX 1,500,000 for degree programs


Example: I love the campus life.Climate is condusive to study. Definitely one of the best universities in uganda. I highly recommend Makerere University!
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From Makerere Website: Founded in 1922 as a small technical school, Makerere University is among the oldest and most respected universities in Africa. In January '22 the school opened with 14 day students, offering Carpentry, Building, and Mechanics.
Several years later, and now renamed Uganda Technical College, Makerere began offering other courses - Medical Care, Agriculture , Veterinary Sciences and Teacher Training, then  expanded to become a Centre for Higher Education in East Africa in 1935.
From 1937 the College developed began offering post-school certificate courses. Then in 1949 Makerere became a University College affiliated to the University College of London and offered courses leading to the general degrees of that institution.
When Makerere was established as the University of East Africa (in June 29, 1963), the special relationship ended with the University of London and Makerere began awarding its own degrees (as the University of East Africa). From July 1, 1970, Makerere became an independent national university of Uganda, awarding both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Makerere University offers both full-time, evening, and external study programmes to over 35,000 undergraduates and 3,000 postgraduates ( Ugandan and foreign students). The University is in addition a very active centre for research.
Makerere University has transitioned from a faculty-based to a collegiate system and as of Friday 30th December 2011, Makerere is a collegiate cniversity with 9 constituent colleges and one school, all semi-autonomous units of the University. (Click the links below to go to the college websites)
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and 370,000 upwards for diploma courses. Accomodation is currently UGX 200,000 within the university's halls of residence
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