Mbarara University of Science & Technology was established in 1989 to meet the increasing demand for university education at a time when the country had only one public university. The university is located in the  town of Mbarara in Western Uganda, nearly 290 km from Kampala.
Fees: Masters degrees at UGX 2,800,000/3,500,000 per year, post-graduate diploma UGX 1m, Medical diciplines, UGX 2,688,000, Computer science UGX 2m, Certificate and diploma courses from UGX 800,000 to UGX 1,140,000.


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From the Website of Mbarara University of Science & Technology: MUST is a research and community based university that focuses on  development - of people and the society. This focus is reflected in the range of  study programmes offered by the university, both at the undergraduate and masters degree levels.
Students at MUST are actively encouraged to look beyond the boundaries of their areas of specialization to establish links with other disciplines. This multi-disciplinary approach underpins all study programs at MUST,  reflecting the entrepreneurial spirit of the university, and is intended to encourage scientific and social innovation.
Mbarara University is located on the banks of the scenic River Rwizi, a tributary of Lake Victoria. The river provides a cool and serene atmosphere, its sky-blue waters snaking through the famous hills of southwestern Uganda’s pastoral lands and the Mburo National Park.
Student life is vibrant on the campus at Mbarara University, a veritable melting pot of different cultures, and home to a number of student organizations that cater to a wide variety of interests, including culture, politics, religion and spiritual concerns, and relaxation. A number of  established and much subscribed student activities add to the unique experience of being a student at Mbarara University, among these  KinaMUST, bazaars, and the cultural gala.
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Enrollment: 3,000 +,  Faculties & Programmes - Faculty of Medicine | Faculty of Science| Faculty of Development Studies| Institute of Computer Science | Institute of Tropical Forest Conservation

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Accommodation: The university has 2 hostels, one each for male and female students and hosting mostly governement sponsored studentsThe majority of students use privately owned hostel facilities outside the campus.
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