St Lawrence University is located some 3 km from the central business district of Kampala City, close to the Kabaka's Lake. The university was established in 2006, being a natural next step in the phenomenal rise in popularirty of the St Lawrence Schools in the country. SLAU emphasises ICT training, Entreprenuership  and Empowerment in all its degree programmes to equip its graduates with skills they can tap into to become self-reliant when they leave the university.


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From St Lawrence University website:  St Lawrence University emphasizes entrepreneurship, computer traning,  personality modeling, and empowerment. These course units are compulsory for all students and are intended to enable our graduates to be creative, innovative, goal-oriented, and entrepreneurial - in order that they can be self-reliant, versatile, and able to answer the usually vexing question of  “after university what next?”.

The university aims to provide excellent teaching as well as research and services that are responsive to the needs of the society, and as a result St Lawrence graduates are usually well-prepared, and able to create their own jobs.

St. Lawrence is unusual among universities in having five faculties on one campus, namely, Humanities, CIT, Business, Education, and Industrial Art - a situation that provides students with unparalleled freedom to cross departmental boundaries and discover intellectual and personal passions.

Creative thinking, applied problem-solving, and research are central to all academic programs at St Lawrence University Uganda; and learning takes place in an environment of intimate collaboration.
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