Webometrics Ranking of World Universities, or the Ranking Web of World Universities, ranks universities based on their web presence, i.e the weight/authority of their websites as accessed from all over the world. The lists are published by the Cybermetrics Lab, a Spanish research institution. Given that Universities in Uganda are only now beginning to take their web presence seriously these rankings may provide only a tentative guide on an academic scale. On the current rankings Mountains of the Moon University beats older institutions for example, but Makerere University probably deservedly occupies the top spot on the Uganda university rankings. Webometrics currently does not have a full list of Uganda universities and some institutions may not appear on the rankings page. For the latest Webometrics universities in uganda rankings you may also visit the official website:


Universities in Uganda

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Notes on Webometrics University Rankings
Webometrics does not set out to provide a list of the top universities in Uganda, or anywhere else for that matter, and the data is meant more as an indicator of relative importance and visibility of a university, especially in research circles. The ranking provides data for over 12,000 universities in the world. The metric measures a university's presence on the internet, its impact, openness and excellence. Currently only 25 Ugandan institutions are listed.By this ranking, as of January 2013, here is the list of top 10 universities in Uganda:

Ranking                                  University                                   World Rank
The other Uganda universities listed on the Webometrics index include: Kyambogo University (Ranking 11), Busoga University (12), Bugema
The other Uganda universities listed on the Webometrics index include: Kampala International University (Ranking 11), Uganda Technology and Management University (12), Bugema University (13 and in this position since January 2014), Nkumba University (14), Busitema University (15), Uganda Management Institute (16), Busoga University (17), International Health Sciences University (18), Kampala University (20), Muteesa I Royal University (21), Victoria University (22), Bishop Stuart University (23), African Rural University (24), and Cavendish University Uganda (25).

The list of top 10 uganda universities is updated every month here at ugandauniversity.com